Wechat Account Password Recovery Service Agreement

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4.10 You should complete your physical information in accordance with the company`s requirements for authentic name certification, otherwise you may be subject to collection, payment and/or payment restrictions (including, but not limited to Change, Envelope Reds, Financial Management Expert (“Li Cai Tong”), and the company has the right to transfer and pay from your WeChat Pay account until you meet the certification requirements with a real name. Transfer: You can use the service to transfer money to your specified beneficiary. The company withdraws the corresponding funds from your linked foreign exchange or bank account and pays the money to the WeChat Pay account or the beneficiary`s bank account. 13.2 If, for whatever reason, the provisions of this Agreement are invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions remain in force and are binding on both parties. You may need a proper Internet connection to authenticate your WeChat account or use WeChat. You may also need to activate certain features within WeChat in the way described in WeChat. You may not be able to use certain WeChat features if you don`t meet these requirements. We give you more information within the corresponding WeChat services and the additional conditions applicable regarding how you can submit your claim. We may send you service-related announcements from time to time if we feel it is necessary (z.B. if we temporarily suspend WeChat from security, privacy or administration messages). We send them to your email address or by SMS. You can`t turn down those service-related ads that don`t have an advertising purpose and are only used to protect your account and to inform about significant changes to WeChat. WeChat allows you to connect your WeChat services to selected third-party social media services and import certain content and information from those third-party services.

For example, we do not pass on your data to third parties unless we need to provide the service (for example. B SMS service providers for account validation, card services, other services of interest, using our affiliates worldwide to help us provide WeChat) or if we are ordered by a court, public authority or legal court.