Unc Housing Agreement

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Bill Roper, ACTing President of the UNC System, had previously issued a proportional refund in March for unused housing and catering services for all students due to the closure of the COVID 19 campus. Comino said she found the addendum to the housing contract in an email they received Monday about the collection procedures. “While there are no more housing available on campus during the fall semester because of COVID-19, the university`s current approach is to offer proportional housing reimbursements, as it did during the spring semester,” said UNC Media Relations. “This information, along with other contractual and operational information, will be published by Carolina Housing in the coming days.” Please note that by registering for the online housing system and completing an application, you are signing this application in digital format and that you are subject to the same terms of the housing services contract as if it were signed on paper. Housing Carolina gives students until August 25 to update or terminate their housing contracts. Refunds are distributed. “UnC system guidelines indicate that UNCG and other institutions cannot provide reimbursements for housing or student expenses if our situation changes on the basis of COVID-19,” he said. “… With regard to the system as a whole, UNCG and the other 16 institutions in the UNC system will receive the same general guidelines, although the specific language of the treaty may vary. No clause or condition of the housing contract can be waived without the formal written consent of both parties, and no oral statement by Carolina Housing or its agents or employees is considered a waiver of a clause or condition.

After receiving the email from UNC-G, comino said she immediately created a petition Monday asked the UNC system, refunds in case of termination of the housing contract because of the pandemic COVID-19. In less than 24 hours, the petition gathered more than 7,000 signatures. She said her home was Mexico, and part of the reason she became RA was because of the security of the housing allowance. “For me, it`s an example of a treaty in which one party has all the power to negotiate and the other party has no bargaining power,” Thomas said. “We do all these contracts all the time, like when I make a deal with Apple with my iPhone, they have all the power and I don`t have any.” The 5,000 or so tar heels that lived in student housing were advised yesterday to look for another option. In the last exam, 2,251 students requested the termination of housing contracts and 2,014 exit dates are planned. The housing contract is the basic document that establishes contractual obligations between students who live in campus housing and carolina housing.